Tri-Certified Morning Pride Garments USAR & EMS

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• NFPA 1951 for Technical Rescue and Recovery Clothing
• NFPA 1999 for Emergency Medical Operations Clothing
• NFPA 1992 for Liquid Splash and HazMat Clothing

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Lightweight and Agile Mobility with Serious Protection

Tri-certified gear reduces the stress load on first responders’ everyday gear compared to using standard bunker gear for rescue operations. This multi-purpose gear is lighter and more breathable, has higher mobility and flexibility, and is resistant to bloodborne pathogens for essentially all non-fire incidents, which account for more than 70% of fire-service runs. When responding to incidents such as EMS calls, rescues, extrications, confined space work, and hazardous material spills, the use of technical rescue gear that is lightweight and far less expensive will save wear and tear on more expensive structural bunker gear, and will provide responders the right gear for non-fire responses.

THL for tri-certified gear is a minimum of 450 W/m2, whereas Structural is 205 W/m2.

Two-Layer System
Features two-layer design (outer shell and liner), which allows the shell to take the punishment of daily use but protects the pathogen/moisture barrier, unlike single-layer tri-laminate designs. The two-layer system has been widely preferred in the field and allows onsite customization (patches, rank upgrades, and more).

Proper Fit – Morning Pride® clothing is manufactured using custom sizes only.
Customized Garments – Tailor your garments with our diverse selection of
options, including specialized pockets, visibility packages, reinforcements, and more.