EMS Gear -Morning Pride MED-TECH

Engineered for the EMS Professional and certified to NFPA 1999, this Honeywell MED-TECH EMS gear offers lightweight protection, flexibility, and comfort in every environment. The overall design is an athletic cut for greater comfort, mobility, and reduced weight. The coat features a re-engineered version of the Morning Pride Tails™ variegated hem and a lie-down collar.

Features and Benefits:

Specially Engineered for the EMS Industry

• Best resistance to blood and body fluid penetration

• High breathability and comfort

• Heavy-duty outer shell for better durability at forearms and lower legs

• Tailored athletic patterning to reduce bulk

Complete body, seam-sealed protection of the Honeywell MED-TECH EMS gear reduces the risks associated with accidental exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Engineered by Honeywell Expertise Exposure to bloodborne pathogens is a danger you need to avoid. But in your line of work, it’s a danger that is all too real. That’s why Honeywell MED-TECH EMS gear was developed as a system to protect you from the dangers you face every day. Using the most advanced performance fabrics and design features for maximum protection, durability, and comfort, Honeywell MED-TECH EMS gear is made by the same people who make Morning Pride turnout gear, leaders in personal protective equipment. 3rd-Party Certified Protection NFPA 1999, the standard for Emergency Medical Services, imposes rigorous performance requirements. All testing is done on conditioned garments in accordance to NFPA for viral penetration, liquid-tight integrity, tear resistance, and more. NFPA 1999 third-party certification gives assurance that the garment will consistently perform to the highest standards. Plus, only certified gear is recognized as eligible for federal grants.

Highly Breathable Outer Shell
• 8 oz polyester twill fabric with a durable water repellent finish – royal blue, navy blue

Moisture Barrier
• 2-layer laminate using a PTFE bi-component film with woven polyester substrate

Standard Features
• Detachable hood with lining and draw cord – Higher resistance to liquid penetration
• Raglan sleeve – Enhanced arm mobility
• Two-layer laminate moisture barrier – Waterproof, windproof, breathable
• Moisture barrier seams sealed with tape – Provide resistance to bloodborne pathogens
• Custom sizing – Enhanced mobility and comfort
• Double storm flap – Higher resistance to liquid penetration
• Tails design – 33˝ back provides additional resistance to liquid penetration when bending
• Zipper and snap fly closure system – Easier donning and doffing
• Elastic sleeve cuffs with adjustable hook and loop tabs – Maximized comfort and ease
of donning and doffing
• Full Range of Motion crotch (F.R.O.M.) – Higher range of motion without binding

Available Options

Coat Options
• Bellows or semi-bellows pockets – 8˝ x 8˝ x 1.5˝
• Pleated patch pockets – 8˝ x 8˝
• Fleece liner – Provides warmth in colder climates, can be worm separately from shell
• Fleece handwarmer behind pockets (bellows, semi-bellows, and pleated patch pockets only)
• Slant-top half-height patch pockets – 6˝ x 8˝
• Stethoscope/scissor pocket combo – 8˝ x 8˝
• Radio pockets – 8˝ x 3˝ x 2˝ or 7˝ x 3˝ x 2˝
• Mic tabs – 0.50˝ x 2.5˝
• Notebook pockets – 5˝ x 5˝
• Custom lettering

Pant Options
• Bellows or semi-bellows pockets – 8˝ x 8˝ x 1.5˝
• Pleated patch pockets – 8˝ x 8˝
• Stethoscope/scissor pocket combo – 8˝ x 8˝
• Elastic waistband – Increases comfort around the waist, allows for weight fluctuations
• Ara-shield® (black, gold, or gray) or shell material knee reinforcements
• Cushioned knees with silicone or X15 padding
• Quick-release take-up straps
• Snap-style suspender attachments
• Boot access – Allows wearer to don/doft pants without having to remove station boot/shoes

Coat Trim Options
• Standard 2˝ and 3˝ chest/back, sleeves, and hem
• Standard 2˝ and 3˝ chest/back and sleeves
• New York 2˝ and 3˝ chest/back, upper arms, sleeves, and hem
• 3M™ Scotchlite™ solid orange, lime, or silver; two-tone orange/silver or lime/silver
• Reflexite Brilliance® solid or two-tone
Pant Trim Options
• 2˝ and 3˝ cuff 3M™ Scotchlite™ solid orange, lime, or silver; two-tone orange/silver or lime/silver
• 2˝ and 3˝ cuff Reflexite Brilliance® solid or two-tone

NFPA 1999, 2013 Edition