Morning Pride Proximity Gear / Airport Rescue

Quality, Comfort and Performance Proximity coats come with a two-piece sleeve and, for comfort and durability, you’ll find non-reflective materials used as standard in the following areas:
  • Collar Innermost Layer – Pbi™/Kevlar® Standard
  • Chinstrap Innermost Layer – Pbi™/Kevlar® Standard
  • Coat and Pant Cuffs – Pbi™/Kevlar&treg; Standard
  • Coat Storm Flap Innermost Layer – Black Nomex®
  • Coat Inner Front Facings – Match the Garment liner
  • Pant Fly Inner Lining – Match the Garment Liner

Specialized Options Developed for Proximity

  • Removable/Replaceable Crotch – Allows quick and easy replacement in this high wear area to help keep gear in service longer.
  • Removable/Replaceable Seat – Like the Removable/Replaceable Crotch, allows quick and easy replacement in the high wear seat area.
  • Detachable Collar Lining – Helps eliminate grimy “Ring-Around-the-Collar” as the collar’s innermost layer goes right in the wash with the entire coat liner.
  • Detachable Wristlets – As worn, wristlet appears normal. This option includes extra long shingle cuffs. Wristlet is attached to the aluminized outer shell via snaps and Velcro®
  • SCBA Cover – Reduces potential for radiant heat damage to your valuable SCBA air tank.
  • Strap-On Training Knees – Protect your valuable pants during crawling or kneeling during training. Available in a wide variety of materials.

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