Storage / Gear Racks

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Garment Manufacturers Recommend quick, open air drying to maintain the protective qualities of fibers and liners. Ready Rack provides free air circulation and helps dry PPE much faster, than other methods of turnout gear storage.

Hose Cart

Save time and eliminate back strain from carrying hoses with our Mobile Hose Cart. Mobile Hose Cart is a great way to replace old handmade storage racks.  Mobile Bottle Cart handles heavy SCBA cylinders with ease. Unload empty cylinders and reload apparatus in one easy task

Work Table

» Available in two or three compartment models.
» Industrial stainless steel top.
» Heavy duty casters provide easy mobility.
» Shelving can customized to fit your workspace needs.
» Powder coat finish for lasting durability.

The Ready Rack Worktable comes standard with four shelves for the two compartment and six shelves for the three compartment. And has quick-change shelves can accommodate SCBA bottles, tools and storage bins.

Ready Rack
From $10.00