Breaching Doors
Office Buildings, Schools, Hotels even the Mall, places of public assembly are all evaluating and strengthening security. These same safety measures can also have a negative impact on tactics and response time of first responders. Will you be able to get in, when getting in means everything to the success of the operation. Whether it’s a fire, first aid call, hostage event or active shooter incident you have to be inside to protect the innocent and control the situation. The question is, Do your members have the knowledge skill and ability? Firefighter University LLC training program “Forcible Entry Practices and Procedures” is a comprehensive presentation featuring a detailed description of doors and locking devices along with proven practical measures. Members train with conventional tools using our state of the art door simulator. Your personnel can rehearse realistic forcible entry problems and develop practicable solutions that make the difference for a safe successful operation. The best part is your members can practice over and over until they develop skill and proficiency.
The course will cover the following:
  •  PowerPoint on door size up and forcible entry
  •  Review of breaching during the Garden State Plaza Incident
  •  Outward opening door, two person method
  •  Outward opening door, single person method
  •  Inward opening door, two person method
  •  Inward opening door, single person method right swing door
  •  Inward opening door, single person method left swing door
  •  Spiking wooden door jams
  •  Padlock removal using the Duck bill lock breaker
  •  Through the lock K Tool technique
  •  Crushing metal door
  •  Breaching using a hydraulic entry tool
  •  Discuss Entry techniques that cause no or minimal damage