Blowhard Fan BH-20 PPV

Blowhard Fans

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* Responds Faster

• Starts instantly on battery power
◦ No wasted time searching for AC outlets (battery optional)
• Sets up 2-6 minutes faster than other PPV fans
• Ultra Portable, ergonomically designed to be carried by one person while running
◦ 40 lbs. base weight, 50 lbs. with optional battery
◦ Quick and easy positioning in hard-to-reach places, works from 6 to 20 feet from a door
Blows Harder
• Designed for high pressure to drive ventilation
◦ High velocity jet stream penetrates deep to build pressure and cool the structure
◦ Higher internal pressure drives ventilation to clear smoke from the structure
• BH-20 outperforms PPV fans rating at higher CFM. The ability to drive ventilation by building pressure in the
structure results in air movement equivalent to most 15,000 CFM rated fans in real world conditions.
• Please look at a test we conducted called “Battle of the Fans”
Compact Storage
• Two BH-20s fit in the space of one comparable PPV
• With variable-speed motor control, the BH-20 can double as a PPV fan, saving valuable truck space and money

Dimensions: 24"x24"x10"
Weight: 40lbs, 50lbs with Battery
Battery: Li-ION - 20-80 Min. 2000 Recharge Cycles
Power: 110 VAC - 8 AMP
Setback: 6 - 18 Feet
Tilt: 5 - 20 Degrees, Adjustable
Capacity: 10,200 CFM
Fan Speed: 0-3,900 RPM
Motor: BLDC Motor
Motor Control: Soft Start Variable Speed

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