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A complete portable disinfecting system that’s designed to help businesses and institutions OPEN SAFELY and continue to disinfectant everyday thereafter.

KLEAN/pak connects to garden hoses and is approved for spraying any dilutable liquid EPA List N disinfectant. The system is calibrated before shipping and has an easy adjustment setting to ensure the precise amount of disinfectant is applied every time based upon manufacturers’ unique settings.

KLEAN/pak can deliver disinfecting solution for up to 5 continuous hours with just plain tap water.  Typical sprayers allow only minutes worth of spray time before having to refill. Bottle and hand pump or garden type sprayers require constant physical energy to pressurize between sprays. Other sprayers require power supplies, compressed air tanks, and restrictive personal protective equipment beyond just safety glasses and gloves.

KLEAN/pak can disinfect up to 300,000 square feet between refills. Other sprayers cover tiny areas and require more filling and physical effort for coverage. TFT’s KLEAN/pak is designed to disinfect large common areas FAST from 10,000 to 300,000 square feet between pail refills!

KLEAN/pak produces large droplets that provide better coverage and protection. More disinfecting solutions makes it onto the items being cleaned. In addition, other sprayers can produce fine mists that cause blow-back on the operator and can carry through the air affecting customers or equipment.

  • Rated Flow: 2.0 US gpm @ 70 psi (7.6 l/min @ 4.8 bar)
  • Pressure Range: 30 – 300 psi (2 – 20 bar)                                                          
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 5 gallon (20 l)
  • Metering Range: Zero to 9 US ounces/gallon
  • Inlet: Standard Garden Hose Thread (International Thread Adapters Available)
  • Outlet: Standard Garden Hose Thread (International Thread Adapters Available)
  • Nozzle: Low Pressure Flat Fan Spray
  • Spray Coverage: 4 ft x 4 ft (1.2 m x 1.2 m)
  • Wand Included: 1.5 ft Extendable to 3 ft
  • Nozzle Wand Adapter: Standard Extension Pole Thread
  • Disinfecting Solutions: For Use with Non-alcohol Based Disinfectants
  • Calibration Viscosity: 1.00 CPS (Same as Water)
  • Requires two 50 ft (user supplied) 5/8 inch standard garden hoses.


Outdoor Restaurant Seating
Kids Play Places
Shopping Carts at Grocery Stores
Gas Station Pumps
Animal Boarding and Kennels
Garbage Collection, Containers and Disposal
Common Shower Areas
Bathroom Areas

Parks Benches, Picnic Tables and Public Shelters
Swimming Pool Areas
Prisons and Police Holding Cells
Garbage Collection, Containers and Disposal
Common Shower areas
Bathroom Areas
Industrial Facilities
Food Processing Plants
Morgues and Mortuaries
Warehouse Shelving and Storage
Delivery Trucks
Locker, Training and Workout Rooms
Playground Equipment
Common Shower and Bathroom Areas
Entertainment and Leisure
Stadium Seating
Amusement Parks
Garbage Collection, Containers and Disposal
Common Shower Areas
Bathroom Areas
Swimming Pool Areas and Beach Houses
Golf Carts