Argus Mi-TIC E L NFPA1801:2018 Certified

Argus / Avon Protection

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The Mi-TIC E L is part of the argus range of thermal imaging cameras and
is the most affordable high resolution large screen thermal imager for fire
fighting applications. The camera provides a crystal clear image with dynamic
range up to 760°C (1400°F) and at the same time see very low temperature
objects, which is ideal for casualty searches.
The Mi-TIC E L is available with a unique dual use desktop/in-truck charger
station which securely retains and charges both the thermal imager and a
spare battery. The charger stations can be daisy-chained together, up to a
maximum of 6 units.
Weighing approximately 865g (1lb 15oz) the Mi-TIC E L thermal imager
can be easily and comfortably held in the palm of your hand. Unlike many
thermal imagers, the Mi-TIC E L design allows it to be worn in multiple ways –
in the hand, inside a pocket, clipped outside a pocket, clipped to a lanyard or
hung around the neck.
With a thumb operated green on/off button and superb start up time
of 5 seconds, the Mi-TIC E L is simple to use.
The Mi-TIC E L has Class I, Division 2 and Class II, Division 2 Non-Incendive
certifications. The use of Lithium Iron Phosphate technology ensures the
Mi-TIC E L delivers in excess of 3 hours of battery life over 2,000 plus charge
cycles. They are inherently safe due to the use of patented nanophosphate® technology
Available models:
MI-TIC-EL-3 argus Mi-TIC E L 30Hz 3btn with IGNIS Engine, Full Kit, 3-5-10 "Endurance" Warranty
MI-TIC-320-3 argus Mi-TIC 320 30Hz 3btn with IGNIS Engine, Full Kit, 5-5-10 "Endurance" Warranty