Argus Mi-TIC S NFPA1801:2018 Certified

Argus / Avon Protection

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The most advanced thermal imager for firefighting

Larger 3.5″ display for a clearer view of the fire scene and lightweight at just 830g (1.8Ibs).

Extended dynamic temperature range to 1100˚C (2000˚F) for greater scene detail in larger, hotter fire scenarios.

Enhanced feature set including laser pointer to aid communication, electronic compass for greater scene awareness and heat/cold seeker technology.


1. Image and video recording for post-operation and training review.

2. 6 application specific modes for easier image interpretation.

3. Dynamic Scene Enhancement (DSE) technology increases the contrast between the fire and important details at lower temperatures such as
exit point and obstacles.

4. Image Freeze function to investigate potentially high temperature areas in the fire scene (eg loft space) with the shortest possible exposure time.

5. Software configuration tool to customize button functionality.

6. Space-saving truck mountable charger, capable of charging camera and spare battery simultaneously

Full color scheme for preventative maintenance of equipment and buildings.

*WH mode
White hot for general search applications
with no heat colorization.

Blue colorization of the hottest parts
of the scene and optimized contrast for
search operations in areas such as landscapes
or traffic accident scenes.