Pro-Tech 8 Fusion NFPA Gloves

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Product Overview

The Pro-Tech 8 Fusion structural firefighting glove was introduced in the Summer of 2010. It became an immediate sensation in the fire service by providing the superior dexterity, grip, flexibility, comfort and fit that Pro-Tech 8 users expect at a cost effective level.

As with all our structural models, this stunningly light-weight flexible glove goes well beyond all the protective and performance requirements of the NFPA 1971 Standard – 2018 Edition. Most importantly, Fusion maximizes "gloves-on capability" through all your various fire ground tasks, which is the ultimate enhancement to hand safety.

The Fusion glove breaks in extremely fast and remains soft and flexible after use. It features the unique Pro-Tech 8 multi-layer knuckle guard system to protect this vulnerable area and incorporates a textured mesh knit inner liner for efficient don and doff performance.

The Fusion Long Cuff "wristlet" style extends the full glove body and features our unique Kevlar® elastic cuff band which prevents debris from entering and eliminates glove slip off. At the vulnerable glove-sleeve interface, Pro-Tech 8 provides you with superior protection and performance!

The Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Glove is independently certified as compliant to the NFPA 1971 Standard — 2018 Edition — on Protective Ensemble for Structural Firefighting; certifying agent Safety Equipment Institute, Virginia

We do not stock Wristlet cuff gloves, orders may result in longer lead time.